Jim Kehn

John Retterer

23 August 2019: “Guys, I sent this out 15 minutes ago. Your email addresses either bounced or I didn't have them at that time. Here it is again.
Our friend, Jim, had a routine stress test last week. He is actually a pretty private guy, and didn't want his many friends to know about it or worry about him. He told me last Friday that the test went pretty well, and he didn't seem to have any problems on the treadmill, but the doctor recommended a heart cath for early this morning "just to check out some small areas".
Susie called a few minutes ago and the short news is that Jim is to have open heart surgery on Monday morning at Mount Carmel East. She was pretty shaken and crying, so I might not have gotten all the details, but I believe he has multiple blockages in at least three arteries. She got to review the stress test results and said they were "a mess".
I don't have a room number yet, and he is much too shaken to have visitors or phone calls today other than from family. Tomorrow and Sunday he will be able to have visitors or calls, and I should be able to email a room number by then. Prayers from all of you and your churches would also be appreciated.
Open heart surgery is never routine, but Susie has made sure his surgeon is the best. He was a prime candidate for "the big one" at any moment so this might be for the best. The operation should eliminate that possibility and allow his heart to recover with renewed blood flow. Jim has never had an operation. This is a heck of a one to start with, but his overall health is good. Boy, will he have some stories to tell…….
BTW: Jim has so many friends, and I don't have all their email addresses. If you see someone not on the list and think they should know, please advise them. Dave R and John C, please advise his COOSE friends. Dick Argo, please advise his C&O friends. Al D, not sure when he will be able to be back on the PRR Secretary job.
I'll keep you all posted,
Bill Brubach

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23 August 2019: All, See Bill Brubach's email {above] about Jim Kehn... Please keep him in your prayers while he navigates through this... At least they found the problem before it manifested itself with a heart attack... Will pass along more information as I get it... If you know of others that aren't on Bill's or my email distribution, please let them know. Jim has many many friends out there.
Jim Ruisinger
Buckeye Division, Contest Chairman

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23 August 2019: For some of you, this will be your second go around on this... Former Division 6 Super and Past King Snipe of the Mini Bunch is in Mt. Carmel East Hospital and scheduled for Bypass Surgery this coming Monday... See Bill Brubach's email [above] as part of this string of emails... Get him on as many prayer lists as you can. Spread the word if you know someone that might know Jim and isn't on one of these email distribution lists.... Jim has many many railroad friends...
Jim Ruisinger
Buckeye Division Contest Chair
King Snipe - Emeritus - The Mini Bunch

24 August 2019: Would you mind sending a message out to the guys to hold off on the visits? There seems to be a constant parade and with his condition rest is really important prior to surgery. I know they want to show their concern but Jim & Susie know they care. Susie is stressed out enough and she needs to be strong for him. Thanks Bro!
Leslie Sherwood

24 August 2019: Hello all, It is being requested that people refrain from visiting Jim Kehn, until further advised..He and Susie know you all care and want to show your concern but as you can see by Leslie's note [above], the steady stream of visitors is wearing him out.. He needs plenty of rest heading into his surgery on Monday, so please, please hold off on going to see him until you get word..... The situating is being closely monitored and I promise to send out info as I get it... Thanks
Jim Ruisinger
Buckeye Division Contest Chair
King Snipe - Emeritus, The Mini Bunch

25 August 2019: Some of you have asked where they can send cards for Jim... Here's his home address:

735 W. Columbus St.

Pickerington, OH 43147-1012

His email address is: prrfreak@aol.com

Jim's surgery is scheduled for somewhere around 12:30 - 1-ish, so stop and take a moment to say a little (or big) prayer for him. Bypass surgery has become more routine over the years, but that doesn't lessen the worry and anxiety when it's one of us. He'll likely be in the hospital for about a week afterwards and then home, but he'll be as weak as a kitten and won't be able to drive for a month or two afterwards. He'll be getting lots of physical therapy to get his strength and stamina rebuilt... I'm sure he'll be board out of his skull when once he starts getting better and will be glued to his computer, since he won't be able to go downstairs to work on his layout or models for a while... You can only watch Dr. Phil and Oprah so long before you're ready to jump out a window!!! Sooooo, flood him with emails too!
Also remember to refrain from going by the hospital to visit him unless you hear otherwise. He'll be in pretty rough shape after surgery and probably won't be very conversational anyway... Kinda like I was.... Most of the time I didn't know visitors where there until a couple months after my surgery. Jim's wife Susie has promised to keep us informed so watch your emails or the Mini Bunch Facebook page or Yahoo group for updates!
Stay strong my friends....
Jim Ruisinger

27 August 2019: Hello all, I just got an update on our friend Jim Kehn...He is still in the ICU. He's off the ventilator, chest tubes are removed and he's progressing nicely. If that continues, he "may" get to go home this weekend.... Susie is asking for people to please NOT VISIT until she gives the word. They are trying to minimize exposure to any kind of post operative infection as he is very susceptible to one.... Ever try to cough or sneeze after your chest has been split open and wired back together??? It's not fun... Jim and Susie know that everyone is concerned and wants to see him. However, please respect their wishes... for Jim's sake.... He'll probably be glued to his computer until he can start getting out, so send him emails or drop him a card if you like... We'll all get a shot at him in the flesh eventually, we just gotta do everything we can to help get him back up to snuff....
Thanks Leslie (Sherwood) Tolliver for providing the update. If anymore shows up, I'll pass it along. See below for his snail mail and email addresses...
Jim Ruisinger, Buckeye Division Contest
Chair Mini-Bunch - King Snipe "Emeritus"
Mailing address for Jim Kehn 735 W. Columbus St. Pickerington, OH 43147

29 August 2019: Jim Kehn update for Thursday... Pretty much no news is good news. He's resting in a step down unit. All the tubes have been removed and they're concentrating on getting him up and moving.... They don't let you lay around anymore . Leslie talked with Susie last night and of course she is totally exhausted.... which is understandable... If things keep progressing like they have, he'll likely go home this weekend.....
Jim R.

1 September: Good Morning all, Got this note from Bill Brubach... Our Friend Jim Kehn is out of the hospital! Sorry if there's duplication, we just want to make sure the word gets out...
*** Jim is HOME. He got to watch the OSU game in his own little arm chair. I'm betting he was asleep by the 3rd quarter. Susie is running a tight ship. No visitors until the OK is given. He is to get rest and rehab. I did see him Thursday evening. He looked great, I was impressed. No bloated, blotchy post-op look. His spirits are high and he is very optimistic, but no meetings, train shows, etc. His first might be Chicago in March. That's all for now. Pass the word. Have a great holiday.Bill Brubach ***
Remember, NO VISITORS until Susie gives us the green signal... But you can email or snail mail him at ... prrfreak@aol.com
735 W. Columbus St. Pickerington, OH 43147
Jim Ruisinger

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