Crew Locker Room Building Kit

Crew Locker Room Photo

Crew Locker Room Lazar-Cut Wood Kits

This is the first of a Limited Edition—Special Project, lazar-cut wood building kits produced by Mountaineer Products. The Special Project Group intends to produce three or four wood building kits per year. Each kit will based on a real building. Most of the building kits will be available in more than one scale. When building kits of each scale sell out - they will NOT be reissued. Note, the plans, drawing and layouts are owned by a member of Division 6 and the manufacture may not reproduce the kits without his written permission.

Manufacture: Mountaineer Products kit.

The prices of the kits from Division 6 are as follows:

Crrew Locker Room Wood Kits
Scale Cost* Kits Left
N-Scale Building Kit $ Sold Out
HO-Scale Building Kit $ Sold Out
S-Scale Building Kit $ Sold Out
O-Scale Building Kit $ Sold Out

*Plus Shipping & Handling ($5.00)

Kits may be purchased Division 6 meetings with no shipping and handing cost. See the Division 6 Paymaster at the meeting.