Super’s Signal

(November 2018)

December Division 6 Meeting Change.
The UA Library was already booked on the 9th (someone beat Greg to the reservation by 2 minutes). He was going to make it the 16th but a couple of you suggested that may be getting a bit close to Christmas. So the division meeting will be on the December 2nd, still at the UA Library.”

Gerri Doebelin

Thirty year Division 6 member Gerri Doebelin is very ill at home and
could use a quick note to let her know division members are thinking of and praying for her.
Her mailing information: Gerri Doebelin, 671  Timberlake Dr., Westerville, Ohio  43081-1322

Additional Information

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Next Division 6 Meeting
2 December
Upper Arlington Library
2800 Tremont Road
Upper Arlington

Host: Upper Arlington Library

1:00: Upper Library building opens

1:15: Contest entries opens

1:20: Clinic: Maine Narrow Gage Railraods

Break: Contest entries ends, Contest voting begins,Division 6 Meeting, Raffle

After Meeting: Program Continues (Movies & Slides)

5:00: Upper Library building Closes


Model: Passenger Car

Photograph: Passenger Car

Map: See the December Super’s Signal for details and map.

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Previous Division 6 Meeting

2 December
Swap Meet
Bowling Green Township Community Building
Brownsville Ohio

> Upper Arlington

Host: Bowling Green Township Community Building

10:30: Township Community Building Opens for Volunteers

11:00: Township Community Building Opens for the public

12:30: Contest entries open

1:00: Contest voting begins

1:30: Contest voting ends

2:00: Division 6 Meeting begins

5:00: Township Community Building Closes


Model: Closed Freight Cars

Photograph: Closed Freight Cars