Super’s Signal

(February 2017)

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Next Division 6 Meeting

12 March
Smokestack Hobby Shop

Host: Smokestack Hobby Shop

Layout: Yes

1:00: Smokestack Hobby Shop opens

1:15-1:45: Contest submissions

1:45-2:00: Contest voting

2:00: Division 6 Business Meeting, Raffle

3:00: Clinic: Leader facilitated discussion of adhesives, Mike Wolf


Model: Diesel-Electric Locomotive, Gas Electric, Electric, Interurban, Traction, Trollies, Doodlebugs, etc.

Photograph: Or simply: non-Steam Locomotives.

Map: See the March Super’s Signal for details and map.

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Previous Division 6 Meeting

12 February
New Albany Library
200 Market Street
New Albany

Host: New Albany Library

Layout: No

1:00: New Albany Library opens

1:15-1:55: Contest submissions

2:00-2:15: Contest voting

2:15: Division 6 Business Meeting, Raffle

3:00: Clinic: Molds Making 101, Darrell Logan


Model: Non-Revenue Car (except caboose)

Photograph: Non-Revenue Car (except caboose)